RIP Caroline Aherne, Comedienne and Retinoblastoma Survivor

Wednesday July 6, 2016 | Abby White, WE C Hope CEO

Caroline Aherne, January 2016

As you may have heard this last week, the British comedy writer and actress Caroline Aherne (creator of the Mrs. Merton and the Royle Family TV shows) sadly died after suffering lung cancer linked to her retinoblastoma diagnosis as a child.

If there is one thing we can take away from losing Caroline, it is how useful humor can sometimes be in the face of the challenges retinoblastoma patients and survivors must face and overcome.  Caroline was able to share her humor to bring laughter to millions around the world, but she also used it to stay sane during her multiple cancer battles.

Speaking in 2014, Caroline revealed: “My mum told us that only special people get cancer. I must be very special because I’ve had it in my lungs and my bladder as well.”

“The other thing that gets you through, I’ve found – so many funny things happen when you’re in there and, looking back, you do have a right laugh with the nurses”

“But that’s a way I think you can cope with it. If you can separate yourself from it, a sense of humour really, really helps.”

Rest in Peace Caroline, and know the world will always be smiling and laughing a little more because of you.

We hope you’ll enjoy these two videos from Caroline’s days as host of the mock chat show Mrs Merton, and later as daughter Denise, in The Royle Family (she created both programs).  Below the videos, we’ve added links to various obituaries and articles about Caroline.

Mrs Merton Interviews Martin Clunes

Little David – The Royle Family Xmas

Obituaries and Articles

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